H.2. Some general remarks about iproute2 tools

This is a meant to be a collected set of thoughts which don't fit anyplace else about the iproute2 tools. If you are reading this in search of more details about the iproute2 tools, you should run (not walk) to your nearest command line, and execute the following command: bash -c ' gv $( locate ip-cref.ps ) '.

In any case, I suggest that the reader consult the documentation which comes with the iproute2 package for canonical answers.

There are some common synonyms in iproute2 syntax. Outlined below in Table H.1 is a list of the common synonyms. Note, that these synonyms are available in addition to the abbreviations indicated above.

Table H.1. iproute2 Synonyms

Command VariantSynonyms
ip neighborip neighbour
ip tunnelip tunl
ip OBJECT showip OBJECT ls, ip OBJECT list
ip OBJECT changeip OBJECT chg, ip OBJECT replace

Because the iproute2 suite of tools is so tightly integrated with linux, it is not available for other operating systems. This is at once its strength and weakness. For users contemplating linux for the first time, ifconfig, netstat, and route are familiar and they feel intuitive. More experienced users and control freaks will find the iproute2 tools attractive and perhaps indispensable.