A Practical Guide to Linux Traffic Control

Jason Boxman

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A overview discussion of basic traffic control on Linux for the experienced systems administrator. The core concepts are touched on briefly to get the reader up to speed quickly. Functional configurations and practical examples are presented to avoid common issues by providing solutions.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Intended Audience
1.2. Copyright and License
1.3. Disclaimer
1.4. Feedback
1.5. New Versions of this Document
1.6. Credits
2. Introduction to QoS
2.1. What is QoS?
2.2. Traffic Control Overview
3. Linux Traffic Control
3.1. The Qdisc
3.2. Hooks
4. Class Structure Revealed
4.1. A Classless qdisc
4.2. A Classful qdisc
4.3. A Combined Example
4.4. Displaying qdisc and class Details
5. An Overview of Common qdiscs
5.1. Classless qdiscs
5.2. Classful qdiscs
6. Classifying Flows
6.1. Using tc and the u32 selector
6.2. Using the Netfilter CLASSIFY Target
6.3. Using the Netfilter MARK Target
6.4. Using the L7 Filter Netfilter Module
7. Building a QoS Ready Kernel
7.1. Kernel Options for Traffic Control Support
7.2. Kernel Options for Netfilter Support
7.3. Kernel Source Changes
8. A Traffic Control Journey: Real World Scenarios
8.1. Common Traffic Control Situations
8.2. Guaranteeing Rate
8.3. Guaranteeing Priority
9. Graphing and Monitoring Traffic Control
9.1. Graphing Your Traffic Control Hierarchy
9.2. Monitoring Leaf qdisc Bandwidth Utilization
10. Suggested Reading for Further Study