The IMUNES preliminary downloads section

You have two options for running IMUNES. If you just wish to check out what it is and how it works, you can try out a pre-installed bootable CD:


This thing still might have a few problems in correctly autoconfiguring X11, so be warned that you may need to spend some extra time to get it running correctly. Apart from that, it should be straightforward to use, and most importantly it doesn't need and won't touch anything on your disk drives.

Alternatively, you can pick up all the necessary sources and build an IMUNES workstation from scratch. You need to have a machine with FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE installed. The following standard FreeBSD packages are prerequisites for running IMUNES:


After ensuring the prerequisites are installed, grab the files bellow and perform the necessary actions.

imunes-20071007.tgz - just unpack and do ./

4.11-R-20051020.diff.gz - this is a kernel patch that provides the ability to simultaneously maintain multiple network stack instances within a single running kernel. Check this page for detailed installation instructions

vimage-20040209.tgz - just unpack and do make; make install (as root)

ng_pipe-20041024.tgz - same as above

ngctl-20050227.tgz - unpack; cd ngctl; make; install ngctl /usr/sbin

This document provides a brief introduction on how to navigate and use the IMUNES GUI console.

For further help please send a note to the mailing list. Good luck and have fun with IMUNES!

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