Detweiler has mastered the art of offending people in cyberspace and actually brags about how many times he has been "executed" as a result (quoting the line, "Death is the ultimate form of censorship"). Here's an incomplete list of his numerous deaths and L.D.'s pattern of "going out with a bang, not a whimper". Detweiler also loved the irony that the cypherpunks, supposedly premier cyberspatial free speech advocates, were usually responsible for his terminations. / Chael Hall
Chael Hall is a cypherpunk who runs a gopher server and a public domain access site. L.D. signed up saying that he was interested in providing some cypherpunk services, but used it as a buffer site to send anonymous mail rants. Killed by Hall sometime in early 1993. / Johan Helsingius
Johan, operator of the Internet's original, most widely used, and most enduring anonymous server said he was forced to censor Detweiler after all the cypherpunk complaints but that nevertheless he "sympathized". Killed him in mid 1993. / Steve Dempsey
L.D. went to engineering school at Colorado State University and the site administrator Steve Dempsey went out of his way to make an exception to the rule that alumni were allowed to keep their accounts. Dempsey called L.D. into his principal's office at least once after fright over supposed "death threats" and "libel". This was the first time L.D. lost an entire account although he transferred the files. L.D. managed to spam Usenet with bogus Blacknet announcements through anonymous remailers in his last gasps at this address. Killed by Dempsey in mid to late 1993. / Gary Edelen
In the midst of dying at the engineering network, L.D. managed to get a "commercial access" account at the university, for the first time paying for his ranting. This account lasted perhaps 5 months before Edelen kicked him off for "violating policy" after various cypherpunks complained. Killed by Edelen in early 1994. Edelen did allow him to download his account files via FTP. / Bruce Woodcock
Woodcock probably killed Detweiler as "" in mid 1994. Amazingly Detweiler apparently posted voluminous rants through the address and it appeared he had found his haven, but eventually he was executed after he satirized a Netcom employee's message. Woodcock claimed he "forged" the signature. Rumor has it that even despite pleas Detweiler lost all his files. / Bryant Durell
Durell censored the "" address, apparently another Detweiler tentacle. For the first time Detweiler posed as a woman, "Sue D. Nym". Apparently Detweiler only used the account to send out a massive anti-Netcom spam as revenge against Woodcock. Killed in mid 1994.

Detweiler has probably lost other sites but divulging their location would likely imperil his ability to "maintain his current commitments" or later reappear again from the ashes.