L.D.'s Published Works

Included here are essays attributed to L.D. and suspected L.D. tentacles in Risks and Computer Underground Digest arranged from latest to oldest. Also his two known FAQs at the end.
Fault Tolerant Software for escaping Upgrade Hell(RISKS, August 1996) [part II] [part III]
use of special computer programming techniques, found in aerospace and telephony applications, to avoid loss of forward compatibility in software upgrade
Site blocking software companies (CUD, July 1996)
a response to Brock Meeks' article on products such as SurfWatch etc. defending ratings systems
Anarchy Gone Awry & Ratings Servers (CUD, December 1993)
possibly the original invention of the rating server concept as a way of protecting children in cyberspace against pornography and accommodating diversity of opinion on appropriateness
ITAR as Big Brother Incarnate (CUD, October 1993)
criticism of the regulations that govern cryptography export, introduction of the Bernstein case
The Cyberspatial Copyright (CUD, September 1993)
use of microcurrency to pay authors while eliminating the middleman
Snakes of Medusa and Cyberspace: Internet Identity Subversion (RISKS, December 1993) [part II]
commentary on the apparent ulterior cypherpunk agenda of promoting fake identities in cyberspace
ITAR issues in PGP & Moby Crypto subpoenas (RISKS, September 1993)
U.S. cryptography regulation issues relative to the famous customs investigations
Anonymity on the Internet (FAQ, 1993)
discussion and comments on history of Johann Helsingius' remailer, extensive quoted public reactions, etc.
Identity, Privacy, Anonymity on the Internet (FAQ, 1993)
covering diverse topics such as privacy in Unix, etc.