Welcome to Medusa's Snakes in Cyberspace, a WWW site honoring the notorious and infamous net legend and crackpot extraordinaire, L. Detweiler. (Above, the only known picture rumored to be of L.D.)

Who is L. Detweiler?
Why is L.D. famous? Is L.D. a real person? And what the @#$%^&* is his real first name?
The Theory of Nymity
A complex formal study of Nymity and L.D.'s seminal contributions, including The Detweiler Thesis and the Sociology of Cypherpunkism.
Tentacle Tussels
Some of the more enduring L.D. posts on the inexhaustably scintillating subject, Medusa's Snakes in Cyberspace
News & Views
cypherpunk charicatures and commentary by insiders and outsiders. Digital cash, reputations, cypherpunk religion, Kodak moments, comic relief, etc.
Sarcastic Signatures
Is L.D. cyberspace's biggest hypocrite? A history of the evolution of L.D.'s performance art embodied in a collection of cyberspatial tentacle masterpieces.
Hall of Shame
A rather lengthy list of L.D.'s bloody deaths in cyberspace and the executioners on duty
Published Works
Essays and FAQs by L.D.'s occasionally-sighted respectable alter ego, apparently a computer programmer.
Last Sightings
L.D. is as elusive as an endangered species. Here's some rumors of his whereabouts.
Frivolous Funnies
circulating Internet humor that tickles L.D.'s funny bone, useful for psychoanalyzing his personality.

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