OEM.MY/btpdbtpd-0.13 fork with ignoring peers sending bad pieces.6 years
OEM.MY/quagga-0.99.15Private quagga-0.99.15 fork.6 days
OEM.MY/vrrpdvrrpd-1.0 fork with ARP Proxy support.2 years
OEM.MY/wipfwPrivate wipfw-0.2.8 fork.2 years
OEM/taskfreakTaskfreak! fork with subtasks support.3 years
OEM/tinctinc, the VPN daemon2 months
QuickRunSimple Win32 QuickRun App. Desktops 2.0 aware.17 months
SH/bltoolsSimple plaintext documentation toolkit.4 days
SH/imunesImunes (FreeBSD 4.11) support scripts.2 years
TCL/imunesPrivate Imunes (FreeBSD 4.11) fork.7 months
bircdbIRCd IRC server. SSL and IPv6 supported.15 months
botlogRemote syslogd with integrated IRC BOT.4 months
dnsproxyDNS Proxy with per zone forwarding.8 months
ircproxyIRCproxy with persistent sessions.6 years
love/netwarsSimple multiplayer RTS/Tower defense game.3 months
mktorrentConsole .torrent file creator. It support Multi Trackers (tier groups).7 years
zethZETH WIN32 port.3 months